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Are you ready to rock? At Rockability we cater to all musicians within all genres. From bands to solo artists, duos and more. Whether you’re a beginner looking to break into the industry, a part-time singer who wants to take the next step or an established artist looking to improve, we have the skills to make sure you hit the right notes.

Making music is one of life’s joys. We offer voice training and production services with a focus on Rock, Pop, Musical Theatre and all contemporary singing styles. We also assist you to write songs and provide entertainment consulting for those in the music industry. So, no matter what you want out of your musical passions, we can help.

At Rockability, we have one goal. To see you SUCCEED. Our purpose is to establish your music career by providing you with the right environment to improve and grow. Do you want to have more confidence on stage? Improve your voice? Expand your passion for music? No matter what drives your musical goals, Rockability vocal studio has the answer.

Whether you’ve dreamt of being a rock star on stage, or just want to rock out on your own. At Rockability vocal studio, we make your musical dreams come true, big or small.


About Katherine Dolphin



Katherine has a love of teaching voice, from her first year out of university she has enjoyed every moment of watching her students grow and develop their voice and confidence.  Katherine’s friendly demeanor helps her connect with students of any level in a comfortable, warm environment.

Katherine has been the senior coach and director of Rockability for over 14 years and teaching singing for over 20 years. Katherine has sung in many bands and duos around Australia and loves performing, song writing and recording.

Katherine completed her Music degree in 1993 at The Melba Conservatorium of Music, majoring in Voice & Piano, where she studied under a scholarship. After this degree, Katherine also obtained a Rock Musicianship through Ausmusic. In 1999 she studied at Melbourne University and received her Certificate in Training.  Katherine has trained in opera, jazz, hardcore rock and musical theatre. Katherine loves diversity in music styles, she has worked consistently on her own singing voice over the years to learn many styles of singing to develop the technical knowledge to help facilitate others in their chosen genre.

Katherine’s training in Speech Level Singing led her to become interested in all styles of methods for teaching. Aware that singing tuition was evolving and progressing rapidly overseas, Katherine made the decision to travel to America and the U.K  to further her studies and bring home new techniques and methods that could only benefit her students back home in Australia. With her many trips abroad to further her own singing and teaching methods, Katherine was inspired by the teachings of prominent professionals such as Sigg Riggs (L.A), Brett Manning (Tennessee) and Melissa Cross (NYC).

Katherine’s primary objective is to learn and explore a variety of techniques and teaching methods, all with one aim in mind – to create amazing and unique voices.  Katherine realises you need many resources and training to be a competent and capable teacher as you are constantly working on all types of vocal issues. Katherine regularly attends vocal conferences and seminars to stay up-to-date with her vocal knowledge and the latest pedagogy.

Katherine’s niche of rock/contemporary tuition and developing chest voice has not gone unnoticed within the Australian music industry, having worked alongside top level artists and music producers.

Katherine is often asked to come into the studio when vocals are being recorded; to check the overall production, harmonies, and frequently to sing extra parts on the recordings. Her expertise is also sought for recommendations such as doubling and compressing a vocal, and adding the right effects to the voice. In addition producers often requested that Katherine work with a band or artist leading up to a recording.

An 8 week stint together would ensure the recording of voices to be much more developed and strong requiring less takes in the studio.  An efficient and sound recording process not only saves money on studio costs, but also instills confidence and pride in the artist.

Katherine draws on her many years of experience to help students find their unique voice and realize their full potential. Katherine loves her work and is a devoted teacher who is very committed to meeting her students’ vocal and production needs.

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All lessons are tailored to meet personal needs, we pride ourselves on connecting with students and seeing them achieve their goals.

During your lesson we will start with vocal warm ups, technical exercises and breathing activities, then we will move onto preparing our songs and repertoire.

The fundamentals of singing covered during lessons at RockAbility are:

Breath support
Correct vowel placement
Connecting chest voice (learning to mix)
Enhancing resonance and tone

Singing with emotion and connecting to your lyrics
Harmonic layering
Microphone technique
Melisma (vocal gymnastics)training
Correct vocal placement
Developing your pharyngeal resonator (otherwise know as twang)

Extending your range
Developing Falsetto
Developing your whistle tone
Expanding head voice
Developing screamo vocals (optional)


  • Beauty of the Plan

  • Prisoner of Society

  • I Can Make You Love Me

  • Not The Same

  • Stay, Please Stay

  • Over the Wall

  • Albion

  • Like a Fox

  • Begin Again (Taylor Swift cover)

  • Cathedral

  • Common Kings

  • Streetlights Symphonies