The importance of finding the right vocal coach for you cannot be underestimated; the better the relationship the more you will grow and gain from each session.

Every voice is unique, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The best and most efficient way to improve and capitalize on your ability is for the education to be as personal as possible.

All lessons are tailored to meet personal needs, we pride ourselves on connecting with students and seeing them achieve their goals.

During your lesson we will start with vocal warm ups, technical exercises and breathing activities, then we will more on to preparing songs and repertoire.

The fundamentals of singing covered during lessons at Rockability are:

  • Breath support
  • Phonation
  • Correct vowel placement
  • Connecting chest voice (learning to mix)
  • Dymanics
  • Enhancing resonance and tone
  • Singing with emotion and connecting to your lyrics
  • Harmonic layering
  • Microphone technique
  • Developing melisma (vocal gymnastics)
  • Correct vocal placement
  • Developing your pharyngeal resonator (otherwise know as twang)
  • Extending your vocal range
  • Developing Falsetto
  • Developing whistle tone
  • Expanding Head voice
  • Developing screamo vocals (optional)



Personalised practice CD

Access to a wide variety of sheet music & backing tracks

Learning to sing with a microphone



Bottle of water and USB



One on one private lesson with vocal instructor.

It’s important establish your range and repertoire in order to maximize your performance.

Each lesson will cater for the individual needs of the student.  We will always warm you up and go through your technique and breathing at the beginning of your lesson.



Two students sharing the one time-slot and one vocal instructor. This works well for bands, duos and friends who are keen to learn together. The warms ups, technique and breathing are done at the beginning of each class and you can choose to do different repertoire or the same. The benefits of learning together is a peer supportive environment, and a partner to harmonize with and it’s cost effective.


GROUP LESSONS (max 4 students)

Two to four students, sharing the one time slot and one vocal instructor. This is suitable for Band members or friends who are keen to learn to sing together. The warms ups, technique and breathing will be covered at the beginning of the lessons. Each student will have an opportunity to sing a song individually in a performance class environment. The group classes are lots of fun in peer supportive conditions.



Katherine also specializes in intensive training and offers 5-8 week plans for artists working with timelines and goal based projects. This may be in preparation for a tour or recording of an album, or working towards creating and submitting a demo CD. Commitment and regular practice are vital to efficient vocal development. Having a lesson once or twice a week, coupled with regular practice (at least every 48 hours) will resolve main issues and eliminate bad habits within 5 weeks. The focus can then switch to performance skills, microphone technique and interpretation of song during the remaining weeks.

Follow up lessons are encouraged once a month or when required to keep you on track and provide you with new customized CDs.

Advanced students should no longer need scheduled lessons after a year’s duration; we aim to equip you with the knowledge, understanding and skills to be able to help yourself. However we welcome you back at any stage and often artists will return if they are attempting new sounds, moving into a different style or genre, or particularly if they have taken a break and wish to return to their standard quickly.



Piano and keyboard

Song writing


Recording sessions

Please note: The above can also be incorporated into your singing lessons

Katherine also offers rehabilitation for students who have had vocal fold cysts surgically removed, tonsils removed,  muscle tension dysphonia or sinus clearing operation.  This rehabilitation can take anywhere from 3 months to 18 months. If you are using correct techniques you shouldn’t have any problems with sore throats, hoarseness or vocal cysts.